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About Baltimore Pump Out for Clean Water
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Baltimore Pump Out for Clean Water, Inc. is a non-profit dedicated to making the water of Baltimore Harbor clean and safe. Formed in 2014, Baltimore Pump Out for Clean Water is working to offer FREE PUMP OUTS of holding tanks to the boaters using this area. The city of Baltimore has an initiative to allow swimming and fishing in the Harbor by 2020. The disposal of human waste from boats is an important component in reaching this goal.  

Offering FREE PUMP OUTS will have a strong impact on maintaining cleaner water in the Harbor. It will lower the amount of human waste polluting the water. By offering the service for free, it removes any reason for not having waste collected, as is required by law. This would entail our pump out boats removing waste from the boats and depositing it into a licensed inlet into the city’s wastewater system. We have an interactive website. It displays our schedule for pump outs by marina and allows you to add your boat to our list for pump outs to be done.  

Another very important part of the work of Baltimore Pump Out for Clean Water is education. We strongly feel that by educating boaters, they will more likely use the pump out boats that we are providing. Once there is understanding of the pollution caused by the direct discharge of human waste, there will be willing use of our FREE PUMP OUT service. Please check out our Fact Sheet for links to more detailed information. Our staff is highly knowledgeable of the facts surrounding this issue. Please feel free to ask them any questions or contact us through the website.

We feel that the efforts in removing waste will go a long way to improve the water quality of the Baltimore Harbor. Through our FREE PUMP OUT service and education, there will be significant reduction in the discharge and lasting effects of raw sewage from the boating population. Baltimore Pump Out for Clean Water, Inc. will have a definite and lasting effect on the success of making the Baltimore Inner Harbor safe for swimming and fishing.

At this time, we are accepting tax deductible donations that will be used towards the pump out service. Unfortunately, we cannot offer free pump outs until we have collected what is needed to fund the operation. If you would like to contribute to this worthy cause, please visit the Donation page or click on the link below.

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